What is MoSoLo?

MoSoLo provides you with the most desirable local offers closest to where you are. No siging-up or signing-in. MoSoLo is always on, always available and Free to use - Just MoSoLo & Go!

MoSoLo is EASY to use. Simply:

- Search by Category, Offer Type or Business Name (i.e. Eat & Drink, Shoes, New Balance)

- Click on Company name or scissor icon to view the offer

- Redeem in store

MoSoLo is different because:

- We use your location (with your permission of course) to show you the best offers around you.

- We are optimized for your mobile device so you can use us anytime, anywhere

- Use coupons right from your phone - No more clipping and forgetting

- It’s Free to Use - You do not need to sign-up or login to use MoSoLo

- Offers, offers and more offers – you won’t find any listings here, just offers!

- Search by Category, Business Name or Offers

Want even more from MoSoLo? Join our text program and/or download our app for even more offers and invitations.

So how did we come up with the word MoSoLo you ask? We took the first two letters from the 3 words that describe us: ‘Mobile’, ‘Social’ and ‘Local’…

MOBILE because we rely on our Mobile Devices in our everyday lives to Stay Connected.

SOCIAL because we love to share the things we enjoy with Friends and Family.

LOCAL because this is our town and we support the businesses here!

So enjoy YOUR MoSoLo, and share it with friends so they can enjoy it as well!

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